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Erik has provided excellent care of our home plus dogs, cats, fish, and even chickens for the past 10 years whenever we had the opportunity to travel. It always helps alleviate the guilt of leaving our pets behind, knowing that they'll be well taken care of under his supervision. My husband often jokes that the dog and cat even seem to prefer Erik's company over our own. It appears that this isn't simply a job for Erik as he truly loves the animals he cares for. Definitely 5 stars for Erik!    

Dog Sitter


Fish Sitter

Freshwater fish tank

Cat Sitter



For over seven years Erik has been watching over all of my family’s animals when we are out of town. You can always tell that Erik’s genuine love of animals comes through because of his attention to detail to meet all of their needs. We have quite the setup at our home: 8 chickens, a 33 year old pony, a yellow Lab, an indoor orange tabby cat, and a 180 Gallon saltwater reef tank full of South Pacific fish and live corals. Upon our return, the animals are always fat and happy!

Dog Sitter


Horse Sitter


Chicken Sitter


180 gallon saltwater reef tank


I have 2 German shepherds, 2 Teacup Yorkies, and 2 cats. The amount of people I trust to care for them I can count on one hand. Erik is one of those select few, especially because he is so experienced with dogs (and many other species). I have a very difficult shepherd to handle, due to him having been abused in the past, so new people, especially men, are hard for him to get used to or trust. He immediately took to Erik, though, and watching the two of them interact was a very settling feeling for me. He is able to notice the signs before a dog gets out of hand and immediately redirect them to avoid conflict (which is great for my dog). Both my dogs and cats love and respect him, which is no easy task! I would trust him to care for my fur-kids any time.

Left to right: Bear, Giselle, Noah, and Bella

Lilian and Charlie


Erik truly is a kind person who cares about every animal he meets. When I got my rescue German shepherd, he and his dogs were very influential in helping her come out of her shell and overcome her uneasiness around other dogs on group walks and adventures.


Laura Kathryn

I've known Erik for about 7 years, as my Shiloh, Aslan, is the father of his own dogs (Odin and Loki). I retired from breeding and use my kennel for boarding dogs now.  I had two boarders, in addition to my four Shilohs, that needed care while I had to be out of town for a week. I was so happy when I found that Erik was willing to drive to Bothell and stay the nights to make sure everyone was safe, healthy and happy. I shared with both my boarders' families that Erik was the most trusted person I knew to take care of their dogs, I put my faith in him 100% and so did they. Erik communicated with me daily as to how everyone was doing. He made sure that medicines were given on time and properly, that everyone's diets were followed and that each dog had their emotional and physical needs met. He played with the dogs and gave them cuddles. I know how important that is to my dogs and I am sure it helped them not miss me as much while I was out of town. I highly recommend Erik as a responsible and caring person to take care of pets, so much so, that I have recommended him on my website.


The gentlemen lined up: Aslan, Rock and Lomax




Erik watched our fur-daughter, Anya, while we were on a 10 day vacation out of state. We prefer to have her in the comfort of her own home when we are gone, as opposed to a boarding facility where she gets stressed. Anya is also a strong-willed herding dog, and needs a knowledgeable and experienced person to walk her. Erik was a great fit for the job! Anya liked him immediately upon their first meeting. Erik was very communicative with me while we were gone, texting with any additional questions or concerns, and sending the occasional picture. Our house and fur baby were in great hands, and I'll be calling Erik for our next vacations for sure! 



I was very lucky to find Erik. My work takes me overseas for months at a time and Erik has embraced staying with my fur and feather family. Although he is the "Crazy Dog Man," at my home he is also the Crazy Cat and Bird person. In fact, Erik is currently staying at my house right now!! I have 3 cats and a cockatiel and Erik clearly knows how to care for them all. I would not be able to do the work that I do if it were not for him. It is wonderful to leave home and to know that the animals are so well taken care of. They love him!







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