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Why You Want A Licensed, Insured, And Bonded Pet Sitter

Having risen in popularity and demand in recent years, the Pet Services field continues to be a rapidly expanding profession, yet remains a relatively unregulated one. There is little barrier to entry as virtually anyone can get started in this profession without much in the way of upfront costs or limitations, but that being said, I, speaking as a pet owner myself, would strongly caution you to employ a Pet Sitter who carries both a business license as well as insurance for their company. 

The reasoning for this is two-fold.


First, having a business license means that the individual or company in question is running a legitimate and above-board business, one in which they have invested their time and money into in the effort to build a solid foundation upon which a good working relationship and reputation can be established among their client base and the local community at large. An unlicensed Pet Sitter has none of these motivating factors pushing them to succeed, for at the end of the day, there's nothing to stop them from merely shrugging their shoulders and walking away with minimal impact to themselves if they provide a poor service and their side business fails.


When it comes to your pets, you want them to receive the best care possible, and that comes from a Pet Sitter who has gone through the proper channels to become a legitimate, licensed business.

Secondly, accidents happen. There's nothing worse than getting that phone call that your pet is sick or injured while you're hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away. And we all know how expensive vet bills can be, especially if emergency clinics are involved. With an uninsured Pet Sitter you, the pet owner, would be stuck shouldering the entirety of the bill, a situation that may have arisen entirely from the negligence of the Pet Sitter you hired and trusted to watch over your pet in the first place. Paying for another's mistake is never a good feeling, for you or your wallet.


But this is not the case with an insured Pet Sitter, for they can work with their insurance provider to ensure that you are reimbursed for some, if not all, of any resulting vet bills, regardless of who was at fault for the unfortunate situation. The last thing you want when you're supposed to be relaxing and enjoying your well-deserved vacation is to be stressing over frantically arranging care for your pet from afar, all the while dreading that monumental vet bill awaiting your return. 

Thankfully, you need not worry about any of the above highlighted scenarios if you retain the services of Crazy Dog Man Pet Services, as my business is licensed, insured, and bonded. 

My business is licensed with the State of Washington.

I am insured through Pet Sitters Associates, and carry their broadened property damage coverage in addition to the standard coverage that protects your pet. This option is essentially bonding for my business as it protects your personal belongings from theft, breakage, or mysterious disappearance while your home is under my care. More information on insurance coverage is available upon request.

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