Pet Sitter, Dog Walker, And Pet Taxi Services

Pet Sitting


Home Visit: A 30 minute stop at your home to check on the welfare of your pets and residence. This is a good option for clients who are going on vacation with low maintenance pets, such as cats, or for those who work long hours and want someone to check in on their pet throughout the day. Multiple daily Home Visits are recommended for clients on vacation with dogs to ensure that they get the human interaction they need in their owner's absence. 


Includes the following duties: Provide food, water, and any required medications for your pets, animal waste clean up, take out/return garbage cans to the curbside, collect mail, watering plants, and play/interaction time with your pet. 


$20/visit (+mileage, if applicable, see below)


*Additional 15 minute time slots can be purchased for time consuming tasks that extend beyond the 30 minute window or if you want your pet to receive a longer play session for +$10/per 15 minutes.* 

Overnight Stay: An 8 hour minimum overnight stay in your home, ensuring that your pet is comfortable in the familiarity of their home environment with their surrogate fur-father (meaning me) while their actual owner is away. Two additional Home Visits throughout the day are included, one of which will be comprised of a daily dog walk for dog owners. Availability for Overnight Visits is limited, especially during holidays, so please book well in advance.

Includes the following duties: Provide food, water, and any required medications for your pets, animal waste clean up, take out/return garbage cans to the curbside, collect mail, watering indoor and outdoor plants, and extended play/interaction time with your pet for the duration of the stay. 

$70/night (+mileage)


Dog Walking

Arriving at your home, dog walks consist of a 30 minute walk around the surrounding area, setting whatever pace your pet's energy level demands. In the hopes of maintaining consistency, the client's preferred method of training will be adhered to. In the absence of any formal training, basic leash obedience will be encouraged and developed through the use of treats and praise.

$20/walk for up to 2 dogs. +$5 per additional dog from the same owner. (+mileage)


*An additional 30 minutes, extending the walk to an hour in length, may be added for a flat +$15.*

Pet Taxi Service

Driving to your home or other designated location, the Pet Taxi Service provides the convenience of transportation by car for your pet to a scheduled appointment, such as a vet or groomer visit. This service is perfect for those with hectic schedules or if things come up last minute, as they inevitably do, and you're unable to transport your pet yourself. The Pet Taxi Service may be scheduled for either a one way trip or a round trip. 

One Way Trip: Picking your pet up at your home and transporting them to their appointment, or alternatively, picking them up at their appointment and returning them home, if you already transported them for the first leg of the trip.            


$20 (+mileage)

Round Trip: Picking your pet up at your home, transporting them to their appointment, and returning them back home at the appointment's conclusion.

$40 (+mileage)


In consideration of the convenience I provide, coming directly to you, I charge a small mileage fee to cover the cost of gas and wear on my car, as well as the time investment of the drive itself. The cost is simply based on how far your home, or other designated service location, lies from my home, which is located just outside Arlington. Any resulting mileage fee, if applicable, will simply be added to the cost of the service being provided.

0-12 miles       Free

13-20 miles     +$3 

21-30 miles     +$6

31-40 miles     +$10